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  • Transit riders save money on car maintenance, insurance and fuel. In some cases, the savings add up to more than $7,000 a year!
  • Like looking for parking? Shoveling the snow from your car? Public transit lets someone else take the wheel and reduces the daily grind of driving.
  • Transit riders get more time to read, write to-do lists, listen to music and unwind after work.
  • Transit riders, who walk to and from their transit stop, burn more calories just travelling between home and work or school than do vehicle drivers.
  • Transit riders can take advantage of high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes, reducing the amount of time it takes to follow the same route by car.
  • Transit riders who can no longer drive due to ill health and/or age are able to be mobile and stay connected to family, friends and community services.
  • Transit riders are generally immune to sudden swings in fuel prices. The cost to get to work or school is more predictable.
  • Transit riders have a safer commute. They're less likely to be involved in a car accident.