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Hours of Operation

Monday - Saturday buses run 6:00 am to midnight.

Sunday buses run 9:00 am to 7:00 pm.

*Please note the following:

     -Industrial routes may fall outside of hours listed above.  

     -The frequency of all routes will change depending on time of day.  Please see Timing Points below.


Route Switch Schedule

Route Switches


People travelling to and from Braecrest Drive, McDonald Avenue, Portola Drive (between 9th Street and 1st Street), Willowdale Crescent (between 26th Street and 34th Street), or 13th Street (between Richmond Avenue & Queens Avenue )have the option to use TransCab.

TransitCab is a supplementary service offered by Brandon Transit to specific areas of the city where Transit service is warranted, but traditional bus service is no longer available.  

- Portola Drive (between 9th St & 1st St)

- 13th Street (between Richmond Ave & Queens Ave)

- Willowdale Crescent (between 26th St & 34th St)

- Braecrest Drive (between 1st St & 18th St)

 - McDonald Ave

For more details on TransCab click here.

Please contact 204-729-2241 to register for this service.

Google Trip Planner





  • The Industrial Service Route not included in Google Transit at this time.  

Brandon Transit Map - All routes

Brandon Transit Map - All routes with time points  


     pdf Route 4 - Trans Canada

           pdf Route 4 Timing Points

     pdf Route 5 - Assiniboine

     Route 5 Time Points

Please note, due to the construction of the 18th St bridge, Route 5 will no longer stop at Fred Brown Way.  The new TransCab stop will be in front of Lady of the Lake.  This detour will remain in place until all work on the 18th St bridge has been completed.  

     pdf Route 8 - Maryland West

            pdf Route 8 Timing Points

     pdf Route 14 - Victoria West

           pdf Route 14 Timing Points

    Afternoon Maple Leaf

     pdf Industrial Map - Shoppers Mall to Maple Leaf

           Route times - 2:00PM - 4:30PM


    Early Morning Maple Leaf

    pdf Early Morning Industrial A  

           Route times - 5:30AM - 6:30AM

    pdf Early Morning Industrial D

           Route times - 5:30AM - 7:00AM


   Late Night Maple Leaf 

Brandon Transit has one bus that completes this service, leaving Maple Leaf Foods at 12:00 AM and at 1:15 AM.  The operator of this bus creates a unique route nightly using the destinations of the passengers they have on that run.  The route they create is a loop that starts in the south end Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; and starts in the north end Tuesday and Thursday.  This alternating pattern provides a level of equity to the passengers who may get off the bus last the first night, and first the second night.