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What is a SMART Card?

Our new SMART Card is an electronic reader that will replace paper tickets and monthly passes. Your SMART Card can be loaded with either pre-paid rides (in multiples of 10) or as a time-based pass. If you select pre-paid rides, your card will be loaded with 10 rides. If you select a time-based pass, your card will be loaded with 30-day increments.

Why is there a $3.50 fee?

As the card contains a microchip and an embedded antenna, there are increased costs compared to paper fare media. The card fee covers the card expense, set-up, and a registration option. This re-loadable card can be used over and over again.

Why Register?

There are many benefits to registering your SMART Card:

  • It can be replaced if Brandon Transit is notified that it has been lost or stolen;
  • It can be cancelled;
  • The remaining balance on the card can be transferred to a new card (with a $3.50 fee)

How do I register?

Your SMART Card can be registered online OR you can submit the registration portion from the SMART Card brochure to the Transit Information Centre located at 21 8th Street.

For additional information, please view the Brandon Transit SMART Card brochure and the SMART Card policy.

Where can I buy a SMART Card?

SMART Cards may be purchased at any of the following locations:

  • Transit Info Office - 21 8th Street
  • City Hall - 410 9th Street
  • Sobeys West End - 3409 Victoria Avenue
  • Safeway - Corral Centre
  • Sobeys South 18th St - 1570 18th St

Where can I re-load my SMART Card?

Your SMART Card can be re-loaded at the Transit Information Centre, Sobeys South, Sobeys West, Safeway- Corral Centre (Reload Now Available) and City Hall. Transit buses can reload cards as well, however they cannot reload 30 day passes.

Is there a minimum or maximum dollar amount that can be loaded onto the SMART Card?

The minimum amounts that can be purchased are set out in the Fare Structure: One time based pass (30-days) or one 10 ride card.

What is a 30 day pass?

Monthly passes will no longer correspond to the calendar month. Your 30 days begin from the first time you use your card, regardless of when it was purchased.